Secure Strategies is a trusted advisor to homeowners, small and medium businesses, Houses of Worship and large corporations across New England. Our specialty is reducing security vulnerabilities of our clients while providing robust countermeasures to increase their security and safety.

We provide the necessary tools to protect our clients against criminal activity such as:

  • Workplace violence
  • Active Shooter
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Insider Threat
  • Burglary
  • Terrorism
A poor design allowed us to reach through a turnstyle and open an adjacent door

For years the members of Secure Strategies have helped private companies, government agencies, non profits and individuals reduce their exposure to risk. Our staff has been involved in the planning, design and oversight of security solutions at water treatment plants, defense contractors, power plants, universities, wastewater treatment plants, biopharmaceutical companies, churches, temples and medical facilities across New England.

Secure Strategies helps clients protect themselves by offering practical solutions to security issues.  We take pride in our personalized service, get-it-done attitude, positive outlook and professional demeanor.

Employee Training

One of the most cost-effective security countermeasures you can put in place is a well-trained employee. Our presentation topics include security awareness, active shooter response, workplace violence reduction and many more. Seminars are engaging, interactive and full of practical advice to make your employees part of the solution, not part of the problem! Let us customize a training program for your staff and management today.

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Risk Assessments

An important steps in determining how to protect your assets is performing a risk assessment or security survey for your business, private residence or non-profit. Secure Strategies has performed hundreds of assessments across New England. Our satisfied clients include power plants, universities, dams, water treatment plants, private homes and wastewater treatment plants.

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Policy and Procedure Development

How can an organization be successful if its employees haven’t been given the correct guidelines to follow? The answer is, it can’t. Personnel that have not been given concise procedures to perform their duties, or policies telling them what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior can’t perform at their best. Call us today to start the policy/procedure development process.

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