Privacy Policy


At Secure Strategies, protecting the privacy and security of the visitors to our website is a top priority. For this reason, we have adopted the following simple, straightforward policy:


Information Gathered From Website Visitors

We gather no information from anyone that visit our website.



We do not place “cookies” on anyone’s computer for any reason.


Your Information

We will not sell, rent, lease or give away your personal information to anyone.




Security Tip:

To minimize the spam you receive, try doing what we do on our website; instead of using your email address (which can be picked up by spammers with automated search software called “harvesters” or “spiders”) use the word equivalent of your address.  As an  example:


Your email address:


How you should write it on your web page, Facebook page or similar:    

                                   david seventy two at hotmail dot com


Writing your email address that way will prevent spiders and harvesters from copying your address and sending you spam.

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