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What are your clients concerned with right now?

There has been an increased concern about the dangers of active shooter events. Because these events are on the increase, many people have expressed a concern about their safety in malls, schools and other high-visibility locations.

Our seminars are based on the Run, Hide, Fight process which is one of the primary training methods across the country.  We've conducted classes for as little as four people and as many as 325.

Do you help homeowners with their issues?

Yes, Secure Strategies works with people living in houses, apartments and condominiums. Each has its own challenges, but there are solutions for every living arrangement.

I’m thinking of getting a burglar alarm. Do I really need one?

One of the most cost-effective security solutions for any business is a well-designed intrusion alarm system (often referred to as a “burglar alarm”). This sentinel needs no coffee break, no health care benefits, no vacation and doesn’t waste time gossiping around the water cooler. Yet it provides around-the-clock surveillance for your business, alerts the necessary personnel when a break-in occurs, and needs little more than occasional testing and an annual checkup.

This system can be as simple as a magnetic door contact switch that sounds a siren when the door is opened, or as complex as a fully integrated collection of motion detectors, shock sensors, glass break detectors, water sensors, weight detectors located under floor mats, CCTV cameras and other devices to keep the location secure.

Providing even more security is an “access control” system, an electronic solution that limits physical access via a range of devices including swipe cards, biometric readers, alphanumeric keypads, key chain fobs and a number of other electronic devices.

For the business that requires the highest level of security, integrating these two systems together provides the ultimate protection.