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The threat of identity theft, terrorism, corporate espionage, workplace violence, burglary and other criminal acts both here and abroad have forced companies to consider implementing a security program, or evaluate an existing one.  In many cases these organizations realize that they are not adequately prepared to protect their people, property, data and reputation.

And yet, protecting one’s livelihood is easier than you think. But the questions you must ask yourself are:


Are you doing all you can to protect the time and energy you’ve invested in your company?


How can you defend the goodwill, reputation and value you’ve worked so hard for?







Secure Strategies is your solution. We are a trusted advisor to small, medium and large businesses across New England.  We provide practical, affordable ways to protect your company against these threats and others.  

Not only can we help you protect your investment of time and money, but a secure facility reaps more benefits than you may think: 

  • Fewer thefts reduce costs to replace tools, computers, office supplies and machinery
  • There’s less down time due to renovation or repair after a break-in
  • A reduction in burglaries lowers insurance claims and paperwork
  • A secure facility decreases employee stress and engenders content workers
  • Installing an intrusion alarm lowers insurance premiums
  • A competitive edge in your industry won’t be endangered by espionage
  • A decrease in security issues allows owners and management to concentrate on running the facility
  • There are fewer headaches, more free time and less administrative nightmares to worry about.



Secure Strategies has many programs to assist your business. Please select any of the solutions below to find out how we can protect what's important to you:


     Security Assessments

     Security Awareness Training for Employees

     Policy & Procedure Development 

     Security System Design

    Disaster Preparedness


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