“Why do I need a security assessment?”

Some business owners think, “I’ve got nothing to steal. Why do I need security?”  In actuality, a secure facility reaps more benefits than you may think:

  • Fewer thefts reduce costs to replace tools, computers, office supplies and machinery
  • There’s less down time due to renovation or repair after a break-in
  • A reduction in burglaries lowers insurance claims, keeps premiums from rising and reduces paperwork
  • A secure facility decreases employee stress and engenders content workers
  • Installing an intrusion alarm lowers insurance premiums
  • Any competitive edge you have in your industry won’t be endangered by espionage
  • A decrease in security issues allows owners and management to concentrate on running the business
  • There are fewer headaches, more free time and less administrative nightmares to worry about.

As seen here, the advantages of a secure facility become apparent when understanding all the costs that seem invisible to the eye.