Full chlorine cylinders stored in an unlocked building, just yards away from a sports stadium

Secure Strategies is a Massachusetts-based security consulting firm. Our mission is to provide the necessary resources to our clients and community in order to create safe and secure workplaces, Houses of Worship and homes.

We are a vendor-neutral firm. We are not affiliated with any company that sells or installs security products or services, so you can be assured that any recommendation is tailored to your exact need and not based on financial gain of any kind.

David Spector, owner and principal, has been a senior level security professional in private corporations and government agencies for more than 35 years. He brings keen insight and a practical hands-on approach to vulnerability identification and resolution.

In addition to extensive experience in emergency preparedness, business continuity and risk reduction, David has taught hundreds of courses and seminars in security best practices, workplace violence reduction, active shooter response, risk assessment methodology, vulnerability identification, and policy and procedure development.

As owner of Secure Strategies, David provides his clients a total solution to their security needs.