Employee Awareness Training

One of the most cost effective security countermeasures you can put in place is a well-trained employee.  Think about it: Your staff knows the facility layout better than anyone else, they have intimate knowledge of how things operate, they are onsite at least 40 hours a week and many times more than that, and they see who is coming and going.  Why wouldn't you want them to be the primary defense against burglary, theft, terrorism, corporate espionage and other crimes?

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Risk Assessment/ Security Survey

The first step in protecting your organization's assets is performing a risk assessment or security survey.  There are many types, from a short “walk through” of your facility that may take an hour to an extended in-depth assessment that could take weeks to perform.  A consultation by an experienced professional, along with any restrictions you may have (funding, manpower constraints, etc…) will allow you to determine what is best for your organization.

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Policy and Procedure Development

Give your organization the tools to be successful!  Well- documented policies and procedures help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. They also help to ensure that your organization is in full compliance with any applicable laws.

Confusion and mistakes occur when staff rely on "understood" policies. However, clarity and purpose occur when everyone from executives on down to hourly employees have a firm basis upon which to conduct company business.

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Exercises and Drills

One method of training that is used too infrequently is an exercise or drill. A drill is a short activity that measures how an employee performs a function, such as a monthly evacuation drill of a building. An exercise is more involved and can be as simple as a tabletop review up to a full-scale activity like a mock chemical release with Police and Fire response.

Allow us to design and conduct an exercise or drill to bring your safety and security to the next level!


Next Steps...

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